This community group is located at Meadowbrook Park near the Meadowbrook Community Center. Neighborhood volunteers work in the organic garden and orchard to grow food locally to gain skills, support the environment, and build community through growing, harvesting, and distributing food to both participating volunteers and the local food bank.

Meadowbrook Community CARE organizes and hosts large and small volunteer events to further food security and sustainability in the NE Seattle community. Hosting and promoting outdoor learning and urban farming, we partner to build resilience and support the local food bank in the Lake City community. The 7 acre site is community supported and guided by Seattle Parks and the local Meadowbrook Associated Recreation Council, and was formed in 2010.

Participate: The community group meets on Sundays, weather, season and time permitting. Interested in large group seasonal volunteer visits or the current schedule: Get in touch. Weeding, mulching, planting and harvesting are the common tasks at hand.

Gardens and Orchards News

Wattling in Meadowbrook

A second end of summer visit by Waldorf summer campers to the Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO) installed more wattle around fruiting trees in…
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Waldorf Wattle

Summer camp is a great time to build memories. Recently, Waldorf Schools donated fruit trees and planting time to the MCGO program at Meadowbrook. A…
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Group dynamics and a strong community spirit have carried the MCGO project through many challenges over the years. Bureaucratic, logistic and weather, to name a…
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School Kid Gift

A rainy day at Meadowbrook Orchard set the stage for gift exchange. With youth engagement in our community acting like a long time celebration, Waldorf…
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6th Graders at MCGO

MC2 recently hosted 20 sixth graders at MCGO on a very stormy October Friday. They visited to learn about the history of the site, the…
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